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Roadheader & Construction Trucks for Kids | Mountain Tunnel Construction for Children

Duration: 11:19Views: 170.5MLikes: 537.2KDate Created: Jul, 2019

Channel: TinoKidsTV

Category: Film & Animation

Tags: trucks for kidsfun learningroad constructionunder pass roadfor toddlersfor childrenwheel loaderconstruction vehiclesfor kidsvideos for kidsbulldozertrucks animationdump truckcement mixer truckfor babiesanimation for kidsalternative roadroad blockkids videoroadheadertruck uses for childrenmountain tunnel roadrock landslidetinokidstv

Description: In this video, our roadheader, bulldozer, wheel loader, dump truck and cement truck are on the move to build an alternative mountain tunnel road for the passing vehicles. The existing road was blocked by a landslide caused by falling mountain rocks. Watch how our construction trucks burrowed under the huge mountain to make a beautiful road for passing vehicles. ▶️ SUBSCRIBE for more entertaining cartoon videos for children : goo.gl/xwd194 ▶️ MORE VIDEOS : youtube.com/c/TinoKidsTV/videos ▶️ Construction Vehicles for kids [Playlist] youtube.com/watch?v=9AClND_t5S4&list=PLzkwQwCGt5OEsNcO0NvJ4kE3Gy_i8zD2n ▶️ Farm Vehicles for kids [Playlist] youtube.com/watch?v=gJlSkxbB0SY&list=PLzkwQwCGt5OEcTR52X7LNSf3IIRw_8UOn ▶️ VISIT Official Website : tinokidstv.com CHANNEL INFO : TinoKidsTV is an animation channel dedicated in fostering creativity, good values, life skills and care for the community through fun animated cartoons (e.g. trucks, cars, construction vehicles, street vehicles, animals, toys and more). At TinoKidsTV, we ensure parents that their kids will be watching enjoyable, safe and child-friendly content that will make learning a delightful experience for them. Subscribe now and start the fun! Thanks for watching 😍 #trucksforkids #constructionvehiclesforkids #animationforkids #funlearning #TinoKidsTV

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